After Morning Joe Tried to Say Trump is ‘Worse’ Than 9/11 Terrorists, This Army Ranger Embarrassed Him

Army ranger Sean Parnell went on Fox news to respond to “Morning Joe” Scarborough’s despicable comments calling Pres. Trump worse than 9/11 terrorists.

The pathetic MSNBC host didn’t use the 17th anniversary of 9/11 to honor those who lost their lives, or the countless heroes who gave their lives to try and save others. Instead, Scarborough disgraced these fallen heroes and dancing on their graves just to attack Pres. Trump.

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Well, Army Ranger Sean Parnnell was not happy about it. Watch this explosive segment where he exposes Morning Joe and Embarrassess him on Live TV.

Here was one of his best lines.

“You don’t demean the sacrifice of those who gave everything trying to save people that they didn’t even know. 

Here’s a guy that wrote an op-ed. Penned it under his own name. Promoted it on his Social Media, and then went on his show named after himself and had his girlfriend (Mika) read it word-for-word on the air. 

If that is not narcissism, i don’t know what is. It’s precisely why this President is in office today.”


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