After Mitt Romney told Republicans to Run Against Trump in 2020, Mike Huckabee Exposed Him For The Swamp Rat he Truly is

Mitt Romney isn’t even sworn into office yet and he’s already trying to destroy President Trump. First, the Senator-elect wrote an anti-Trump op-ed attacking the President’s character, then he went on CNN and encouraged other Republicans to run against Trump in 2020.

Well, Mike Huckabee has heard enough. He went on Fox News and exposed Romney for the snake he truly is.

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Huckabee told Romney to start working as hard for the American people and a secure border as he is working to destroy the President.  The former Arkansas Governor said he is “disgusted” by Mitt’s comments and said maybe Mitt should think about why the same people who didn’t elect him, elected President Trump. But he didn’t stop there.

Watch this explosive clip then share it everywhere so we can expose this snake Mitt Romney.

Here’s some of what Huckabee said:

I’m disgusted with Mitt. I’m just absolutely outraged that he couldn’t even wait to get sworn in before ehe went after his own party. I just hope he will go work as hard to fight for the American people and secure border as he will to fight against the President of his own party, elected by people who didn’t elect him.


It’s the same old mitt. He was for Donald Trump when Donald Trump gave him money. He hugged him. He was so glad for the endorsement. Then he was for him in the 2016 election when it looked like Trump was going to win. Then he became against him again because he was going to go to the Senate and wanted to make some noise.

Mitt’s into footwear. Flip-flops. And this week he put both of his feet in his mouth, I hope he’s enjoying the flip-flops.