After Michael Cohen Leaked Trump’s Private Phone Call to CNN, Trump Embarrassed Him

As i’m sure you’ve heard by now, CNN obtained audio of President Trump’s private phone call with his former lawyer Michael Cohen.  This was leaked to them by either Cohen or someone else, but it was aired on live TV last night.

The edited and muddled audio clip is not incriminating and was not the bombshell CNN figured it would be, but President Trump just responded to it this morning.

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President Trump just Tweeted this out about his former Lawyer betraying him. The President pointed out how the clip was heavily edited and questioned why the rest of it wasn’t aired.

Uh Oh! President Trump might know something about the rest of this tape and the other tapes yet to come! Could he have leaked it himself?

Many believe Michael Cohen was pressured into turning Pres. Trump by Bob Mueller, who is trying to flip everyone around the President against him.


But Pres. Trump won’t back down and he doesn’t seem worried because he KNOWS he did nothing wrong.

Fox News Legal Expert Gregg Jarrett confirmed this, saying this conversation Pres. Trump had with his lawyer was completely standard and NO laws were broken.

Late Last night, Pres. Trump’s NEW lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, responded to the tape on the Laura Ingraham Show, reiterating that this tape is a big nothing-burger.

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