After Maxine Waters Said Trump Should be Imprisoned in ‘Solitary Confinement,’ Hannity Exposed Her For What She Truly is

The Anti-Trump hysteria has reached a new low after Maxine Waters said Pres. Trump should be imprisoned and in “solitary confinement.” This comes after Pres. Trump’s primary challenger Bill Weld suggested Pres. Trump be executed for Treason.

These comments are part of a disturbing trend amongst these anti-Trump maniacs, but it’s not a new trend.  Sean Hannity exposed last night how it’s all part of one big plan by the Democrats that started “just two days” after Pres. Trump’s election.

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WATCH for yourself and spread this everywhere because it is shocking.


Maxine waters was asked to clarify her statement, and she doubled down. I cannot believe this woman is in Congress. Her entire mission since her last election has been to get Pres. Trump impeached. All the while her district is in shambles.

Maybe Rep. Waters is the one who should be removed from office, because she seems to be unfit to serve. That’s not likely but maybe she will lose her next election. We can all hope.