WATCH: Alex Jones Confronts Marco Rubio Outside Senate Office

Alex Jones took to Capitol Hill today to ask Senators about being thrown off social media platforms. The controversial founder of Info Wars confronted Marco Rubio in an exchange that is going viral.

Marco Rubio was answering questions from reporters in the hallway of Senate Offices about the alleged silencing of Conservatives on Social Media. Alex Jones asked Rubio about InfoWars being kicked off social media platforms, and then the confrontation got physical.

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When Sen. Rubio looked at Alex and said “I don’t know who you are,” Jones responded by friendly tapping him on the shoulder, laughing at the idea that Rubio is pretending not to know who he is.

Rubio responds by saying, “Don’t touch me again, man…I’m asking you not to touch me again.”

Jones asked if he was going to get arrested, as Security guards flanked Rubio.

Rubio said “You’re not going to get arrested man, i’ll take care of you myself.”

The Info Wars host turned to the other reporters and said Rubio just “threatened him,” and told Rubio, “you really are a little gangster thug.” Then their explosive back and forth continued. Watch this then spread it everywhere.

Marco Rubio ended the exchange by calling Alex Jones a “clown” then walking off while reporters were still asking questions.

Regardless what you think of Alex Jones, it seems highly unlikely that Rubio didn’t know who he was.

The Info Wars host has literally been in the headlines for months and has been a prominent, controversial figure on the national stage for years.

And what did Rubio mean by he would “take care of” Alex Jones himself. What a weird exchange.