After Reporters Lied About Teenager in MAGA Hat Harassing Native American, Tucker Leaked What They Never Wanted to Come Out

Tucker Carlson exposed the LYING, pathetic liberal media once in for all last night in a segment that is going viral. (Video Below)

The Fox host responded to the viral video from this weekend that seemingly showed teenage boys (wearing MAGA hats) “taunting” an American Indian man that held a drum. But Tucker leaked what the mainstream media NEVER wanted to come out.

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In just a couple minutes, Tucker exposed the SICK lies of the media establishment on this issue, both on the left and the anti-Trump right. Tucker pointed out how it was the boys who were being harrassed, and not the other way around. The HOUR long video was clipped down to less than 4 minutes in-order to fit the narrative that these were young “racist” Trump supporters. But it doesn’t stop there.

Watch this explosive segment then spread it everywhere. We need to expose these lies.

From Fox News:

“But did the video really describe what happened? That should have been the first question journalists asked. Checking facts and adding context is what journalists are paid to do. It’s in the first line of the job description. Yet, amazingly, almost nobody in the American media did that.

That’s a shame, because there was a lot to check. The full video of what happened on Friday in Washington is well over an hour long. The four minutes that made Twitter don’t tell the story, but instead distorted the story. A longer look shows that the boys from Covington Catholic in Kentucky weren’t a roving mob looking for a fight. They were, in fact — and it shows it on the tape — standing in place waiting to be picked up by a bus.


As they waited there, members of a group called the Black Hebrew Israelites, a black supremacist organization, began taunting them with racial epithets. Nathan Phillips, the now-famous American Indian activist, also approached them, pounding his drum. The footage seems to suggest the boys were unsure whether Phillips was hostile or taking their side against the Black Hebrew Israelites. But in any case, there is no evidence at all that anyone said, “build a wall.”

So, what really happened on Friday? Watch and decide for yourself. There’s plenty of video out there, and some of it is fascinating….”

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