After Liberal Professor Attacked Barron Trump at Impeachment Hearing, Watch Melania’s Brutal Response

Professor Pamela Karlan used her testimony at the impeachment hearing to attack Barron Trump, the 13 year old son of the President. This did not sit well with Melania Trump.

Although the first lady usually stays quiet, and supports the President behind the scenes, she didn’t hold back today in responding to Prof. Karlan.

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First, here is the comment that Prof. Karlan made:


And Melania’s response:

Do you agree it was out of bounds? Rep. Matt Gaetz certainly does, and he told Prof. Karlan to her face right afterwards. Watch:

Spread this story everywhere if you stand with Melania and Barron Trump.

Some are saying the professor just “referenced” Barron Trump, and this is not an attack, but if you invoke the 13 year old son of the President, you are inviting every liberal on the internet to mock him. This was an ATTACK by this Professor.

The impeachment hearings are a complete sham by the Democrats to try and weaken President Trump before the election. Rep. Doug Collins started the hearings today by pointing out what a joke they really are.