After Lebron James Went on CNN & Called Trump a Bum, Trump Embarrassed Him

Liberal NBA star Lebron James went on CNN to attack President Trump and now it’s clear he started a fight that he cannot win.

Lebron sat down with Don Lemon where he defended calling the President a “Bum,” then claimed it was Pres. Trump who is “trying to divide us.”

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Well, President Trump just responded with this brutal Tweet that’s going viral.

HAHA! Pres. Trump is referring to Michael Jordan when he says “he likes mike.” Most believe Jordan is still the best of all time, despite Lebron’s success. This will surely sting.

You might remember Laura Ingraham got called a racist a few months back for telling Lebron to “shut up and dribble,” but perhaps he should take her advice.


Lebron, who skipped college and went straight to the pros, isn’t usually considered smartest guy in the room… UNLESS he’s sitting down with Don Lemon.

Here’s the embarrassing interview Lebron had with Don Lemon. I don’t think Pres. Trump is worried about these two turning Americans against him.