After Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Called Trump Mentally ill, Trump Leaked What He Never Wanted Coming Out

George Conway, husband to White House Aide Kellyane and frequent Trump critic, came out Monday and claimed Pres. Trump is mentally ill.

In fact, Conway tried to say Pres. Trump has at least two diagnosable mental disorders. In multiple Twitter tirades, Conway said there needs to be a “serious inquiry” into the President’s mental health.

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Well, President Trump just issued a brutal response. He just leaked the real reason George Conway hates him.

This statement by Pres. Trump’s campaign manager, which was shared by the President, reveals that George Conway was TURNED DOWN for a job in the administration and is now jealous of his wife Kellyanne.  Here’s what Pres. Trump’s campaign manager said:

Pres. Trump retweeted it, adding “A total loser”


The President is right… he sounds like a total jealous loser.

Kellyanne went on CNN yesterday and stood up for the President against her husband’s attacks.

Do you think this is disrespectful of Kellyanne’s husband to be attacking her boss? Do you think he’s jealous? Spread this on Facebook and comment whether you agree with Pres. Trump.