Trump Responds to George Conway & Democrats

President Trump is under attack this morning not only from the pathetic Democrats in Congress, but also from White House aide Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George Conway.

George Conway wrote in an op-ed this morning that he now believes Pres. Trump is a “Racist President,” following Pres. Trump’s tweets to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rep. Illhan Omar, saying if they don’t like America, they can leave. Well, now President Trump is responding to all of them.

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In a couple Tweets this morning, Pres. Trump summed it up perfectly. Read what he had to say, including his feelings about George Conway.

This is no doubt a response to George Conway’s op-ed, but Pres. Trump has directly exposed Conway before. Pres. Trump previously tweeted that George is just mad he didn’t get a position he wanted in the White House and his jealous of his wife.

This is a PERFECT response. He’s not backing down at all, and he’s pointing out that these RADICALS now represent the Democratic party.

If you didn’t see his Tweets on Friday, this is all he said:

There is nothing racist about this. Pres. Trump is just as harsh to everyone who criticizes America.

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