After Kathy Griffin Praised Restaurant Owner For Kicking Out Sarah Huckabee, She Got an Epic Dose of Karma

Kathy Griffin praised the owner of The Red Hen and pledged her support after the restaurant kicked Sarah Huckabee-Sanders and her family out.

The disgraced comedian called Sarah a hateful “liar” in a Tweet that told others to support the red hen.

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Here’s the Tweet:

This comes just a day after Griffin attacked the “Angel Moms” who’s children were killed by illegal aliens.

SOURCE: Twitter

Well, Kathy might have just ruined her career even more than she already had, because the response to these Tweets have been brutal.


First, one of the Angel Moms said Kathy “has no soul and no heart.”

Now today, THOUSANDS of people are responding to her support of The Red Hen. Here are some of them:

Source: Twitter
SOURCE: Twitter

Someone else pointed out how the Red Hen is now getting slammed with bad reviews. I’m afraid Kathy Griffin’s support will only make this worse.. HA!

SOURCE: Twitter

Do you stand with Sarah Huckabee-Sanders against these liberal attacks?

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