After Kamala Harris Called For Banning Trump’s Twitter, Watch Greg Gutfeld Embarrass Her

Greg Gutfeld had an amazing monologue responding to Kamala Harris’ calls to ban Pres. Trump’s twitter account.

The Fox host exposed how this is the desperate response by the left since they are so wrong on the issues. Watch this epic clip for yourself and spread it like wildfire. This is epic. 

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From Fox News:

Really, she’s not going to help herself by “de-tweeting” Trump. If anything, that might help him. He’d just launch his own message board, and the media would cover that even more breathlessly.

Without Trump’s asides, the media would have to start covering real news, which actually takes work. Besides, we’d all resent Harris for taking away one of the most striking phenomena in political history: a leader who communicates directly with the people, cutting out the middleman known as “us,” the media.


There’s a weird reflex among liberals these days not to engage in dialogue, but to simply suppress it. Instead of debating each other, dump the interesting voices. Instead of listening to the other side, call them “despicable” or “deplorable.”

Instead of accepting an election, resist it and call it illegitimate. What do all these tactics have in common? They only work if you know you’re a loser.