After Jim Acosta Called Sarah Huckabee a Liar & Denied ‘Assaulting’ Intern, She Exposed Him Once & For All

As you’ve probably heard, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders revoked Jim Acosta’s “Hard Pass” White House Press Credential last night. Sarah said Acosta “putting his hands” on the White House Intern during the Press Conference was the reason.

The CNN reporter responded last night by calling Sarah Huckabee-Sanders a liar and denying that he made physical contact.

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Here’s what he tweeted.

However, Sarah quickly responded by Tweeting the actual video that shows he not only refused to give up the mic, but he forcefully pushed away the young female intern’s arm.

Not surprisingly, CNN and others claimed the video she Tweeted was somehow doctored or from an unreliable source.

So other outlets Tweeted out a version that is not zoomed in at all. How will CNN deny this?

Is it ‘assault’ like some claim, probably not. But is it inappropriate physical contact and disrespecting the authority of a young White House Staffer who is just trying to do her job? Absolutely.

Despite this clear evidence, Acosta went on CNN last night and denied even making contact at all.

Conveniently, they don’t play the full clip on CNN, but someone synced up Acosta’s denial with the actual video here:

Even if you don’t think this is “assault,” could you imagine if a conservative reporter treated an Obama staffer this way? There would be calls for his resignation.

If Jim Acosta wants to be treated with respect, he needs to start acting like an adult instead of a petulant child.