After Hillary Said Last Election Was ‘Stolen’ From Her, Mark Steyn Issues Brutal Response

Tucker Carlson had Mark Steyn on tonight to respond to Hillary Clinton’s comments today that the last election was “stolen from her” after she ran a “perfect campaign.”

These comments are so ludicrous they’re not even worthy of a response but Mark Steyn couldn’t help himself and exposed Hillary for what she’s REALLY trying to do with these comments.

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Steyn told Tucker that what Hillary is really doing is providing cover for the Deep-State’s blatant spying on the Trump campaign. At the same time, the deep-state launched investigations knowing that Trump did nothing wrong, all to give Hillary in the Democrats an excuse. THEY WORKED HAND IN HAND!

But he didn’t stop there. Watch this clip then spread it everywhere because it’s the truth.

“The Democrats essentially provide political cover for all these FBI types monkeying around, wiretapping… the opposition. If Democrats didn’t lend political cover, we’d all see it for what it is, the deep state gone rogue.”

“At the same time, the Deep State’s investigation… provides cover for the Democrats as to why Trump’s victories are never legitimate.”

“The Democrats are coming close to making politics entirely possible. and When you do that, it doesn’t actually leave much else besides civil war. So when they do this they are playing with matches.”


Source: Fox News