After Garland Refused to Apologize to Virginia Parent Whose Daughter Was “Raped,” Watch Tom Cotton Torch Him on Live TV

Sen. Tom Cotton TORCHED Attorney General Merrick Garland during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday.

The explosive exchange was about Garland’s handling of the Loudoun County Virginia case where a teen was accused of “raping” a fellow student in the bathroom, and the school system has been accused of covering it up.

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This Virginia case has garnered national attention and outraged parents because it comes at the same time Garland’s Justice Department is instructing the FBI to investigated parents who “threaten” school boards.

Sen. Cotton asked Garland to apologize to the father of the victim in this alleged attack as he has been referenced by the NSBA as one of those parents “harassing” school boards. (Now that the facts of this case are coming out, i’d say he had every right to be upset)

Garland stopped short of apologizing, while offering some sympathy, but that wasn’t enough for Sen. Cotton. WATCH the explosive exchange here:

You can watch their full, heated back-and-forth in this video below.


From Fox News:

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., tore into Attorney General Merrick Garland during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday, chastising him for his memo to Justice Department employees about intervening in violence, threats and intimidation targeting school board officials.

Cotton noted that Garland has cited news reports – in addition to a letter from the National School Boards Association – as inspiring his memo. The Arkansas Republican then brought up one of the more high-profile instances of a parent being arrested for conduct at a school board meeting, where Scott Smith was charged with disorderly conduct after demanding answers regarding how his daughter was allegedly sexually assaulted in a girls’ bathroom at school by a boy who had reportedly been wearing women’s clothing.