After Elizabeth Warren DNA Test Proved She Lied About Being ‘Indian,’ Trump & Melania Embarrassed Her

Elizabeth Warren got completely exposed today after she gave herself a DNA test that says she could be as low as 0.001% Native American. This is less Native American than the Average American. What a joke this woman is.

Now, President Trump has responded.

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A reporter asked Pres. Trump if this DNA test “vindicates” Sen. Warren’s claims because it shows she has “some” Native American Heritage. The President responded by embarrassing Warren. Melania Trump couldn’t hold back her smile, nodding along with Pres. Trump, satisfied that he was proven right once again.


The Cherokee Nation officially responded by saying it was innappropriate and “wrong” for Sen. Warren to lie about being a part of their tribe. HAHA! This is not a good day for her.


Here are the 10 times Sen. Warren lied about being a Native American, via Benny Johnson: