After Democrat Senator Says Kavanaugh is ‘Guilty’ of Sexual Assault, Trey Gowdy Exposes Her For Who She Truly is

Just when you thought Democrats could go any lower, they sink to a whole new low. After they have declared Judge Kavanaugh is guilty of 30 year-old allegations, a liberal Senator just wen even farther.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) came out and said Kavanaugh MUST be guilty because he didn’t have the FBI “investigate” the allegations against him. Well, Trey Gowdy just came forward and exposed Sen. Gillibrand for the joke she truly is. (Video Below)

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From Daily Caller:

Bret Baier aired the clip of Sen. Gillibrand and asked Rep. Gowdy what he thought of it.

“Wow. When I walked into the studio tonight, there was a presumption of innocence and you did not have to prove your innocence. So, I’m a little surprised to hear what the senator from  New York said,” Gowdy stated.

“Bret I’ll tell you this,” he continued. “I think that Dr. Ford met with Democratic legislators before the FBI investigated it. I know that she talked to The Washington Post before the FBI investigated it. The FBI did not have jurisdiction over state sex assault claims. If they want to locate witnesses, if there are witnesses that know whether or not this happened, I am all for it and I am all for them being compelled to testify.”