After Democrat Rep. Called Trump a ‘Mother F**ker’ & Threatened Him, Mike Huckabee Exposed Her For Who She Really is

Newly elected Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib went on a cursing tirade against President Trump, calling him a “Mother Fu**ker” and threatening to impeach him. Rep. Tlaib was the first Muslim Woman to be elected into Michigan’s State Legislature and she has been a critic of Pres. Trump and Israel.

Mike Huckabee Joined Jesse Watters on Fox News and responded to the shocking video, and he exposed the one thing this Congresswoman never wanted coming out.

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First, Watters played the video for Huckabee and for the viewing audience, then asked the former Arkansas Governor to respond. Huckabee said her vulgar language would’ve cost him a “mouthful of soap” when he was growing up but that her words aren’t the worst part.

Huckabee said Rep. Tlaib is an “anti-Semite” who just last week got caught covering up Israel on the map in her Congressional Office, refusing to acknowledge it’s existence. But he didn’t stop there. Watch this explosive clip then spread this like wildfire so we can get the truth out.

Here’s what Huckabee said:

It’s indefensible. But even more so. It’s not even her words about the President, but it’s the fact that she’s an anti-semite. This is a person who put a post-it note on her map that disavowed the existence of Israel. This is a dangerous person in the Congress if her views were to ever catch hold. Hopefully they won’t.

I’d like to think that the people of Michigan and that district are having some real real buyers remorse about having sent her to Congress.


Here is a picture of the map of hte middle east in this Democrat Congresswoman’s office. This is shocking.

Herman Cain also weighed in and blasted the Congresswoman for her vile language and beliefs.

“This is something that they have raised to a whole new level and it’s uncalled for and unnecessary…I think it’s gonna backfire.”

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