After Comey Said ‘I don’t Remember’ 245 Times During Testimony, Jim Jordan Leaks What Comey Never Wanted to Come Out

Congressman Jim Jordan went on fox news last night and EXPOSED James Comey just  one day the former FBI Director refused to answer questions during his testimony about the debunked Steele Dossier and his abuse of the FISA program.

Comey answered with “I don’t know” or “I don’t Recall” a total of 245 times while being asked about Steele’s fake “dossier” that he used to get the FISA warrant and spy on Trump. But Jim Jordan and Judge Jeanine Pirro just leaked what Comey does NOT want the public to know. (Video Below)

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After Jordan laid out how unbelievable it was that Comey would claim to not know of Steele while he was USING his Dossier, he and Judge Jeanine pointed out that Steele was already working for and with the FBI.

“You and I both know … Christopher Steele was PAID by the FBI for information. He was a confidential informant.”

WOW!! But they didn’t stop there. Watch this explosive clip then spread it because mainstream media is NOT covering this.

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