After CNN Reporter Screamed at Sarah Huckabee & Called Trump a Dictator, Watch All Hell Break Loose

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders had an explosive exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta today after he made one of his usual ridiculous statements about President Trump.  She destroyed him as usual. (Video Below)

First, one reporter asked whether or not the Trump administration supports a “free press.” Sarah correctly pointed out that they have been the most “accessible” administration in decades, taking questions nearly every day. Then CNN’s Jim Acosta had to make everything about himself as usual… and all hell broke loose.

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Acosta sarcastically laughed out loud, mocking Sarah’s comment about Trump supporting a free press. He followed up with her and she absolutely DESTROYED him in this brutal exchange.

Watch this explosive exchange then spread it everywhere so we can expose CNN for who they truly are.

Acosta: Are you trying to say that this administration is a champion of a free press?! That seems…

Sarah: I certainly think that, as I stated a moment ago, we support a free press but we also support a FAIR press. And I think that those things should go hand-in-hand and there is a certain responsibility by the press to support to report accurate information, I think a number of people…

Acosta: And theres a certain responsibility on part of the President..


Sarah: I’m not Finished! … I think a number of people in this room do that every single day. They do their very best to provide fair and accurate information. We certainly support that and that’s one of the reasons i’m standing here taking your questions.

And a lot of times takes your questions that are in a tone that is completely unnecessary, unneeded and frankly doesn’t help further the conversation or help the American people get anymore information in a better way, which is your job and my job and that’s what im trying to do.

Acosta: (Screaming Interruptions)

Sarah: I’m going to move on… David go ahead

Acosta: (Continues screaming and talking over other reporters. )

Sarah: Jim, i’m finished.

This makes Sarah’s point! Jim Acosta and CNN aren’t trying to be objective reporters, they’re trying to destroy Pres. Trump. Acosta wasn’t even asking a question, he was making a speech. See for yourself.