After CNN Called Tucker & Trump Racist Liars on Illegal Immigration, Watch Tucker Embarrass Them

Tucker Carlson exposed exposed CNN last night for the liberal lapdogs they truly are. In an explosive segment, Tucker responded to a CNN reporter who claimed that Pres. Trump and Fox News were lying about the migrant ‘caravan’ headed towards the border.

The clips shows Bill Maher calling Pres. Trump “racist” for focusing on the issue. CNN and Anderson Cooper implied that there was no caravan coming at all. Then, Tucker made them regret it.

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The Fox host showed the clips thousands of migrants getting here, and climbing the fence. Surprise, CNN was wrong again. But he didn’t stop there.

Tucker explained how the liberal hacks in the media are covering up how the crisis is only going to get worse. Watch this clip then spread it everywhere so we can get the truth out.

“What’s not an argument, is telling me that i’m a ‘racist’ for acknowledging the reality of what is happening…”

From Fox News Insider:

“This is a recurring theme on the left — don’t believe your own eyes, you’re too dumb to believe your own senses. There is no illegal immigration crisis.”


Carlson said Democrats “will tell you that on-a-loop until they take power.”

After Democrats take back the levers of Washington, Carlson said he projects Democrats to suddenly call the illegal immigration fiasco a “crisis” and declare the only solution is “blanket amnesty.”

He said the illegal immigration issue is “a metaphor” for leftists and Democrats’ policy program, which he said is based on “denying reality.”

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