After Called Trump and His Supporters ‘Spineless’ Liars, Sarah Huckabee Exposed Him For The Swamp Rat He Truly is

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders has heard enough from James Comey and she just shut him up once and for all.

This comes after James Comey got in front of cameras and called Pres. Trump a liar and his supporters were spineless for supporting him. Huckabee-Sanders exposed him for the slimy swamp rat he truly is.

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Comey claimed Pres. Trump is lying about the Mueller probe, and by calling it a witch-hunt, he is throwing the entire FBI under the bus. The disgraced FBI director also said Pres. Trump’s Republican supporters should be ashamed that they still support the President.

Here’s Sarah Huckabee-Sanders’ response:

SOURCE: Twitter

YES!! Nobody has previously had the courage to go after Comey in this way. Sarah said she is exposing him as the “fraud” he is.

This comes after Pres. Trump piled on and debunked the central case for the Mueller investigation.

But he wasn’t done there. PRes. Trump laid out what he’s going to do next.

And this was just days after Pres. Trump send this bombshell tweet, calling out the Russia-probe for what it is and embarrassing Comey. Check it out:

Do you stand with Pres. Trump and Sarah Huckabee-Sanders against that Comey is a Shameless fraud?