After Bernie Sanders Said Felons Should Have The Right to Vote, Watch Tucker Respond

Tucker Carlson unloaded on Bernie Sanders last night after the elderly Presidential Candidate suggested terrorists should have the right to vote. Bernie participated in a CNN town hall and was explicitly asked this question and his answer left the room in silence.

After playing the shocking clip, Tucker glared into the camera and exposed Bernie and fellow Democratic candidate Kamala Harris for their shocking comments on this topic.

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“Terrible people.” So how terrible is Sanders talking about? Cannibals? Convicted spies? How about terrorists who kill children? Oh, yes, said Bernie Sanders, they should get to vote, too. Unlike the First or Second amendments, that is in the Constitution.

Watch this explosive clip then spread this everywhere so it goes viral:

From Fox News:

In 2012, Tsarnaev received U.S. citizenship. And less than a year later, he murdered three people and maimed hundreds with a pressure cooker bomb at the Boston Marathon. Now, he is on death row.

So Democrats hear that story, and they feel outraged. It’s not that immigrants repaid our generosity with a terror attack — that might bother you, but it doesn’t bother them. The injustice they are enraged by is that a convicted terrorist might not be allowed to help pick our next president. That is outrageous, in their view.


In just the past few months, Democrats have said things that are so out of the mainstream that it is very hard to imagine voters will back them.